Boogie Bounce Is Here... Sweatshop Gym is the home to Boogie Bounce Wigan.

Boogie Bounce is the latest fitness craze that is sweeping the nation.  Go to any fitness convention and you will find the B.B stand.  


Why is it so popular?


It is an amazing calorie burner and fat busting workout all prerfomrned on a mini trampoline to fab uplifting sing along anthems that will have you bouncing, sweating, laughing and fighting to come back for more.  This is why we have a booking system.  You guys just can't get enough of it.


Check out the pics below and then book yourself on.


Have you ever exerised before??

If the answer is no then do not worry, this is an amazing place to start.  Half the battle is finding something that you love doing.  With Boogie Bounce you forget that you are there to exercise because it is so much fun..


If you regularly exercise then you will know that you need to keep challenging the body to see results.

Boogie Bounce will do that.  The routines change every 8 weeks and will continually challenge you in different ways.  The routines are put together to give you maximum calorie burn and fat loss due to their interval training method.


And yes, you will laugh, sweat, bounce and feel belting afterwards.


Come join the rest of the B.B gang and get froggy!!

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